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Breastmilk Provision For Preterm And Sick Neonates

Midwifery And Newborn

Breastmilk Provision For Preterm And Sick Neonates

Health Education England

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Midwifery And Newborn

Breastmilk Provision For Preterm And Sick Neonates

Health Education England

– Help improve breastmilk provision rates.

Breastmilk provision involves supporting mothers to produce breastmilk and providing assistance with expressing, storing, and feeding the milk to their infants. This can be especially challenging for mothers who have given birth prematurely or who have sick infants, as they may face additional barriers to producing enough milk or accessing appropriate support.

This course helps train midwives and healthcare support staff to help mothers with the necessary support and education to ensure that their babies receive the benefits of breastmilk.

This project is a collaboration between Health Education England, the Thames Valley and Wessex Neonatal Operational Delivery Network, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, University Southampton Hospitals and Oxford University Hospitals.


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