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Online Anaesthesia Course: Award-Winning Certificate Training

eLearning Anaesthesia (e-LA) is an online course that supports speciality anaesthesia training and continuing professional development for doctors, nurses and other anaesthesia practitioners across the globe.

This high-quality anaesthesia course has been developed in the UK by the Royal College of Anaesthetists and Health Education England Learning for Healthcare. So, it meets the highest training standards. The team of 400 authors and editors regularly reviews and updates this online anaesthesia course.

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Online Certificate Courses In Anaesthesia:

This is an award-winning online certificate course on Anaesthesia that is divided into several modules, which are further broken down into smaller e-learning sessions that usually take between 20 to 30 minutes to finish.

The program provides a vast amount of information and is broadly divided into three main areas of training: core training, basic science, and exam preparation. Additionally, there are further sections that concentrate on specialty training, with a focus on both clinical and exam preparation.

The core training section includes topics such as basic clinical practice, critical care, obstetrics, paediatrics, anaesthesia for elderly patients, pain management, and regional anaesthesia. The basic science section covers topics such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, physics, equipment, and mathematics and statistics.

The specialty clinical training section provides intermediate level training in a variety of areas, including obstetric, ophthalmic, regional, vascular, cardiac, thoracic, and neuro anaesthesia. After an introduction to the program, students can choose which area to focus on based on their interests and career goals.

Anesthesia Course Details

The modules in this online medical course are as follows:

1: An Introduction to Clinical Anaesthesia

2: Consolidating Basic Clinical Practice

3: Introduction to Critical Care

4: Obstetric, Paediatric and Geriatric Anaesthesia

5: Pain Management and Regional Anaesthesia

6: Exam Preparation

7: Basic Sciences: Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Physics/Clinical Measurement, Equipment and Maths/Statistics

8: Obstetrics

9: Ophthalmic

10: Regional

11: Vascular

12: Cardiac

13: Thoracic

14: Neuroanaesthesia

The self-contained modules can be purchased individually if required, for details please contact us.

1: Introduction to Anaesthesia ₹ 10,000
2: Consolidating Basic Clinical Practice ₹ 20,000
3: Introduction to Critical Care ₹ 10,000
4a and 8: Obstetrics ₹ 6,000
4b: Paediatrics ₹ 10,000
4c: Anaesthesia in the Elderly ₹ 6,000
5a: Pain ₹ 6,000
5b: Regional ₹ 6,000
6: Exam Preparation ₹ 6,000
7a: Anatomy ₹ 6,000
7b: Physiology ₹ 10,000
7c: Pharmacology ₹ 10,000
7d: Physics ₹ 10,000
7e: Equipment ₹ 6,000
7f:  Maths and Statistics ₹ 4,000
9: Ophthalmic ₹ 2,000
10: Regional Anaest ₹ 2,000
11: Vascular ₹ 2,000
12: Cardiac ₹ 2,000
13: Thoracic ₹ 2,000
14: Neuroanaesthesia ₹ 2,000

Module Combinations

Anaesthesia Fundamentals (Modules 1, 2 and 7) ₹ 25,000
Full Programme ₹ 60,000


Anaesthesia Sample Certificate

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500 hours




Specialist training in anaesthesia, pain and critical care medicine.


12 months from registration on LMS.