Musculoskeletal Primary Care
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Musculoskeletal Primary Care

The Musculoskeletal (MSK) primary care elearning course gives healthcare professionals the essential knowledge & skills to be First Contact Practitioners (FCP) in a primary care environment.

This online training has been developed in the UK by Health Education England and elearning for healthcare. This course meets the highest training standards and offers a world-class elearning experience.

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877Musculoskeletal Primary Care
Original price was: ₹3,500.00.Current price is: ₹3,150.00.

Accredited or Co-Created by:

Health Education England
ELearning For Healthcare

Musculoskeletal Primary Care e-Learning Programme

With musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders on the increase, all healthcare professionals need to have a comprehensive understanding of how to identify and distinguish MSK issues from other health problems and how best to support patients living with these conditions. You can study online at home, in work or on the move fitting the learning around your professional commitments. The Musculoskeletal Primary Care e-Learning programme can be used as part of blended learning or as a standalone resource.


  • elearning sessions to support primary care practice in MSK
  • Ideal for healthcare professionals in community services.
  • Developed in partnership with UK’s top clinical specialists.

The content has been written and peer-reviewed by practising physiotherapists, allied healthcare practitioners and a GP trainer. This ensures a person-centred approach to the common issues associated with primary care MSK management. The programme includes many case studies, diagrams, illustrations and videos, to embed learning on the key topics. Using patient case studies, you can test your knowledge in a virtual consultation, helping to build your understanding and confidence. There are links to further reading and other external resources.

You can complete self-assessment exercises at the end of each session. If you achieve the pass mark (80%) across all assessments, you can download or print a certificate for inclusion in your training or CPD portfolio. This is an essential learning resource for all healthcare professionals working in primary care.

Course Content

Eight interactive elearning sessions take you through a range of particular primary care issues that are commonly seen as part of an MSK FCP assessment.

  • What is Primary Care

This session explores the world of primary care, the current climate and challenges for the future.

  • Identification of the Ill and at Risk

This session looks at the unwell patient who may be physically at risk. It also explores frailty as a long-term condition which requires specific clinical diagnostics and management. It helps you to assess frailty and identify appropriate management for a patient living with frailty.

  • Mental Health in Primary Care

This session will help you to build a good understanding of the most common mental health issues in primary care. It looks at how to recognise and support people who present with depression and anxiety, and other services that they can be signposted to. Identifying mental health problems helps you, as a healthcare practitioner, to understand how the person’s mental health is impacting their physical symptoms. By involving patients in the problem-solving, you can help to find the most appropriate treatment and support to improve their mood and quality of life. This also helps to reduce the chance of relapse or recurrence and can reduce morbidity and mortality.

  • Complex Decision-making Managing Patients with Comorbidity

This session explores initial and follow-up encounters in first-contact, primary care consultations. It covers all aspects of communication, clinical reasoning and the use of social prescribing through real case studies. There are also links to relevant sources of information and background reading.

  • Public Health

This session helps to build your understanding of the role and value of public health practice within primary care, and the holistic needs of patients, individuals, communities and populations.

  • Persistent Pain

This session gives an introduction to identifying, assessing and managing patients with chronic pain and complex biopsychosocial needs. There is an overview of common issues for these patients and how to deal with these scenarios during consultations.

  • Overview of Medicines and Prescribing

This session covers the basic principles regarding the pharmacology of pain medication and the medicolegal framework for physiotherapists. This includes advising patients on medications, supply and administration under patient group directions and non-medical prescribing medications within their clinical practice.

  • Serious Pathology of the Spine

This session provides an overview of common serious pathologies which could masquerade as musculoskeletal conditions, such as inflammatory joint conditions (including axial and peripheral arthropathies). The session outlines possible signs and symptoms to look out for. It also covers when patients need to be referred on and the speed of onward referral depending on the presentation.

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The MSK elearning course consists of 8 sessions:

Session 1 – What is Primary Care
Session 2 – Identification of the Ill and at Risk
Session 3 – Mental Health in Primary Care
Session 4 – Complex Decision-making Managing Patients with Comorbidity
Session 5 – Public Health
Session 6 – Persistent pain
Session 7 – Overview of Medicines and Prescribing
Session 8 – Serious Pathology of the Spine

Each session takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete and includes, knowledge checks and self-assessments and a certificate of completion.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use the certification for professional development or continuing education credits?


Yes, the certification can often be used to earn professional development or continuing education credits, depending on the policies of your specific profession or institution.

What qualification will I receive upon completing the course?


You will receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course.

How will I receive my certification after completing the course?


Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you will typically receive your certification electronically via email or through the course platform.

Can I include the certification on my resume or professional profiles?


Yes, you can certainly include your certification on your resume, LinkedIn profile, or other professional platforms to showcase your skills and qualifications.




Learning Hours:

10 hours


Suitable for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other healthcare practitioners.


12 months


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