Obesity Essentials For Nurses



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Obesity Essentials For Nurses

This course on obesity essentials help enhance the knowledge and skills of nurses and enables them to provide better care to patients with this condition. It can also contribute to better patient outcomes and improve public health.

Testimonial by a student, “This course was invaluable to my practice – I would absolutely recommend this course to all of my nursing colleagues!”

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Obesity Essentials For Nurses

Obesity is a widespread problem affecting millions of people worldwide. Nurses are very likely to encounter obese patients in their practice. Health consequences of obesity can manifest into further complications. This includes diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer.  Thus, nurses need to be aware of the various options available for treatment of the issue. This may include lifestyle modifications, pharmacological therapies, surgical interventions and others.

This online short course of 8-10 hours effectively addresses the biggest challenges for nurses associated with patients who have excess weight and obesity.


  • Gain the confidence to successfully manage and treat patients with all aspects of overweight and obesity
  • Develop effective and compassionate communication skills for interaction with overweight and obesity affected patients
  • Learn how diet, stress and environment are key contributors to overweight and obesity
  • Generate solutions to overweight and obesity

The Obesity Essentials For Nurses is delivered completely online through:

  • Podcasts
  • Video
  • and e-learning units

This helps to seamlessly fit into the busy life and work schedules of nurses. On completion nurses will gain a certificate as well as 10 CPD hours which can be used towards revalidation and or certification.


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8 hours


Suitable for nurses, health professionals and young medical professionals.


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