Obesity Essentials Package



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Obesity Essentials Package

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What’s included?

  • Obesity Essentials
  • Childhood Obesity Essentials
  • Nutrition and Weight Management Essentials
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Obesity Essentials Package

The Obesity Essentials Package will provide you with a well-rounded perspective of all facets of obesity and its treatment. There are there programs bundled in this package:

Obesity Essentials provides you with a fundamental understanding of obesity. It helps to ensure that you feel confident giving expert evidence-based advice to patients with obesity and help them adjust their lifestyle, leading to

  • Weight loss,
  • Weight loss maintenance,
  • Healthier lifestyles and
  • Better clinical outcomes.

Childhood Obesity Essentials is a comprehensive course on childhood obesity prevention, management and treatment. Childhood nutrition, psychology and physical activity are key factors throughout the course.

Upon completion of this course, you will know how to

  • Give the best advice,
  • Give the best care and
  • Provide the most appropriate support to children with obesity, and their families.

Nutrition and Weight Management Essentials is designed to ensure you gain a solid grounding in the most fundamental concepts of nutrition.

You will also focus on:

  • The key factors contributing to weight gain,
  • Learn what effective weight management should look like in clinical practice,
  • Explore the treatment methods needed to achieve weight loss and
  • Explore the treatment methods needed to achieve weight loss maintenance.

By taking all three of these courses you will gain a well-rounded understanding of obesity as a whole, learn how to best assess and treat patients with obesity, and ultimately provide the most appropriate evidence-based guidance needed to help you make a positive, healthy, and meaningful impact in the lives of your patients.


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Suitable for professionals working in obesity, weight loss, doctors, nurses, dieticians and non-clinical practitioners those helping people to change.


3 months from registration on LMS.