Ophthalmology Certificate Course Online
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Royal College of Opthalmologists
ELearning For Healthcare

Ophthalmology Certificate Course Online

Online Ophthalmology Training Master the Art of Eye Care with our Comprehensive Ophthalmology Training Course for Global Practitioners

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890Ophthalmology Certificate Course Online
Original price was: ₹10,500.00.Current price is: ₹9,450.00.

Accredited or Co-Created by:

Royal College of Opthalmologists
ELearning For Healthcare

Ophthalmology Course & Online Training

Course Description

Ophthalmology is a medical speciality dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of eye disorders and diseases. This field encompasses a wide range of conditions affecting the eyes and visual system, from common issues like nearsightedness and cataracts to complex diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. 

Ophthalmologists are trained to diagnose and manage a variety of eye conditions, including:

  • Refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism)
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Macular degeneration
  • Eye infections
  • Eye injuries
  • Other ocular diseases

This online Ophthalmology certificate course  boasts comprehensive coverage of key ophthalmology topics, providing an in-depth exploration of clinical assessment, refraction, laser surgery, and microsurgery. It offers high-quality, interactive content, including video clips and animations, enhancing the learning experience. As you prepare to go for this  Ophthalmology course it serves you as a versatile learning tool, suitable for general reference, exam preparation, pre-course learning, and continuing professional development.

Developed By:

The Ophthalmology Certificate Course is developed in collaboration with leading institutions such as The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, NHS England and E-learning for Healthcare. 

Who Is This  Online Ophthalmology Course For?

  • Trainee Ophthalmologists looking to build foundational knowledge and skills in ophthalmology
  • Qualified Ophthalmologists seeking to update their expertise and stay abreast of the latest practices and technologies
  • Healthcare Professionals involved in eye care aiming for continuing professional development
  • Medical Students preparing for exams or looking for a comprehensive introduction to ophthalmology
  • International Eye Care Practitioners who want to align their practices with global standards.

What You Will Learn? 

  • Clinical Assessment: Techniques for evaluating eye health and diagnosing conditions
  • Refraction: Methods for determining the correct prescription for visual aids
  • Laser Surgery: Understanding laser treatment for various eye conditions and safety protocols
  • Ophthalmic Public Health: Insight into public health issues related to eye care
  • Microsurgical Skills: Training in basic phacoemulsification and other essential surgical techniques.

For institutional purchase or bulk licences of our online medical courses, please contact us.

Eye-Site is a versatile training tool that serves various purposes, including general reference, exam preparation, pre-course learning, and continuing professional development. The materials in this Ophthalmology Certificate Course are designed to support learning in ophthalmology, guided by the curriculum of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, which is shaped by the GMC document ‘Good Medical Practice’.

The course contains the following modules:

Module 1: Ophthalmology Curriculum
Module 2: Microsurgical Skills
Module 3: Laser
Module 4: Refraction
Module 5: Clinical Assessment (Basic Assessment Course)
Module 6: Community Ophthalmology
Module 7: Glaucoma Surgery
Module 8: Cornea
Module 9: Strabismus Surgery
Module 10: Acute Presentations
Module 11: DSEK
Module 12: Neurophysiology
Module 13: Advanced Phacoemulsification
Module 14: Intermediate Phacoemulsification
Module 15: Ultrasonography
Module 16: Retinopathy of Prematurity
Module 17: Neuro-ophthalmology
Module 18: Oculoplastics
Module 19: Thyroid Eye Disease
Module 20: Refractive Surgery


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I found the Paramedic and Nursing courses from Meducination very useful, I learnt new terminologies & techniques and also got a job in a hospital.


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Frequently asked questions

What is an Ophthalmology Certificate Course?


An Ophthalmology Certificate Course is a specialized training program designed to provide comprehensive education in the field of ophthalmology. It covers the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of eye disorders and diseases, offering interactive content and practical knowledge for ophthalmologists.

Is this Ophthalmology Certificate Course suitable for nurses?


Yes, the Ophthalmology Certificate Course is suitable for nurses, particularly those involved in eye care and ophthalmic nursing. It provides valuable knowledge and skills that can enhance their professional practice and support their continuing professional development in ophthalmology.

What are the requirements for enrolling in the Ophthalmology Certificate Course?


To enroll in the online Ophthalmology certificate course applicants should have a background in medicine or healthcare, such as being a trainee or qualified ophthalmologist, a nurse involved in eye care, a medical student, or a healthcare professional interested in ophthalmology. Basic computer skills and access to a reliable internet connection are also necessary to engage with the interactive online content effectively.

Can I purchase multiple modules for my institution/organization/hospital?


Yes, you can purchase multiple modules for your institution, organization, or hospital. For institutional buying, please contact us directly to discuss your needs and to arrange the purchase.




Learning Hours:

100 hours


Suitable for all healthcare professionals, nurses and young professionals.


12 months


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