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Patient Safety Syllabus

Patient Safety Syllabus programme helps healthcare staff think differently about what patient safety means and how to make improvements.

Developed by NHS England, elearning for healthcare, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and NHS Improvement the content has been written and peer-reviewed by leading clinical specialists in the UK. It is relevant to all health and social care practitioners around the world – regardless of specialty or profession.

In Partnership with: Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

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Patient Safety Syllabus

Harmed patients have impact on them, their loved ones, healthcare staff and others who work in the healthcare system. It is crucial that all staff, whatever our roles, see safety not just as our collective responsibility, but as a key priority.  This interactive programme helps healthcare staff think differently about what patient safety means and how we can make improvements

The Patient Safety Syllabus elearning programme features many interactive elements, such as clinical case studies, diagrams and self-assessment questions to help embed learning and foster deeper understanding.


  • Addresses patient safety as a collective responsibility
  • Suitable for all healthcare professionals around the world
  • Developed by experts in the NHS


This online programme consists of two modules with number of sessions in each module. You can dip into the content whenever you choose and recap any material as needed.

The programme is aligned with the NHS Patient Safety Syllabus with module one covering the Level 1 – The essentials of patient care, with topics for all staff and specific sections for senior leadership teams.

Module two covering Level 2 – Access to practice; topics such as human factors in healthcare, safety culture and risk expertise.


Patient Safety Syllabus


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20 Hours




Suitable for all healthcare professionals, nurses and young professionals.


12 months from registration on LMS.