We have tried to answer as many possible questions we think you may have. If you still need clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

How do I use Meducination courses?

Meducination courses can be used as a learning aid along with your medical college education or as a stand alone program for your continuous Medical Education, as a Certification or for entry in the medical profession including MR training, nursing and other support staff. Once the student is enrolled on Meducination, they access the content via the internet, using a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) that records progress in a secure online database. The LMS is owned and managed by Health Education England. Students are offered frequent opportunities to reflect on their learning through formative and, sometimes, summative assessment. Interactivity allows the trainees to test their knowledge and provide immediate feedback using images and cases that they could encounter in clinical practice. This supports the ongoing acquisition of knowledge and skills to prepare trainees for their clinical work, formal examinations and continued professional development.

Do I get a certificate after the course?

Yes. Upon successful completion, you are awarded a certificate for most of our courses which are issued online via the Learning Management System. All certifications are from the respective Royal Medical Colleges.

Do I need to give an exam to get the certificate?

While a majority of certificates are “Certificate of Completion”, there are a few courses, which require you to give an online assessment as a part of the course. These assessments (if applicable) are clearly mentioned on the course detail page.

Can I call myself a Doctor after doing the course?

No. These courses are certificate courses. They add value to current qualifications and most of them are designed to help medical students, practitioners and other medical & allied professionals increase their knowledge. These courses do not qualify you as a medical practitioner.

Can I use the courses for my CME?

Yes, these courses can be used for CMEs. The courses are already approved for CPDs in UK. You may have to apply to the local medical association or council to get them approved for CME points. Should you need any assistance, please contact us.

Do I need a special software or plug-in to view the courses?

All of the e-learning resources are accessed via an internet browser. Some additional software or ‘plug-ins’ are also required, although your browser may come with these pre-installed: Adobe Flash is required to view animations and graphical images within the e-learning sessions. This is available free from A PDF viewer (such as Adobe Reader) is required to view additional learning documents such as medical journals and papers. Adobe Reader is available free from

I keep getting a 'Pop-up blocked' message - what shall I do?

The Learning Management System (LMS) uses additional internet browser windows or ‘Pop Ups’ to launch and track your activity. Most internet browsers default to block ALL ‘Pop Ups’ automatically to prevent additional advertising screens ‘popping up’ on websites. Each browser uses its own method for informing the user that pop ups have been blocked. If you click on a link to open a session but nothing seems to happen, then it could be a pop-up blocker preventing you from launching the session.

Can I use the E-learning resources without an internet connection?

The e-learning resources are web-based applications and can only be used when your computer is connected to the internet.

What happens to my learning if I lose the internet connection during a session?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that data will be saved. We recommend that you close the browser down in the normal manner and log back in again. If you become locked out, please wait for 20 minutes and your account will reset automatically.

If my computer crashes will I lose my place in the system?

The data is saved when the active piece of learning has been started, completed and at various points during the e-learning session. If your computer crashes in the middle of a learning session, for example, then your data may not be saved.

Can I use my tablet PC or iPad to access the e-learning resources?

Tablet PCs and iPads can be used to access the Learning Management System, however, we cannot guarantee the quality or the usability as our sessions have not been specifically designed or tested for such devices.

Can I use my mobile to access the e-learning resources?

You can use a smartphone to access the e-LfH site but we do not recommend it as the experience may not be good. Much of the e-LfH site is highly interactive and smartphone displays are too small for the fine detail to be conveyed reliably.

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