Online Medical courses in India to Ameliorate Sector

India has produced some of the best medical practitioners and allied staff. However, the imprimatur mechanism in the medical sector has long stunted access to latest research, treatments, technology & education. A constrictive practice of opening medical colleges, repudiation of overseas qualifications and limiting the access to practice for such professionals created a blackhole. This has resulted in overworked medical practitioners and affecting qualify medical care. The rut overflowed to allied educational areas like CME’s which have been incarcerated by vested interests. However, the global medical fraternity made progress in leaps and bounds by eliminating the scope of unethical impediments. 

But despite the hinderances, Indian practitioners continued to flock to overseas institutions for additional qualifications irrespective of their recognition by the local authorities and flaunted the same with aplomb. But we are now seeing a sense of urgency in the overhaul happening in the sector. From government reforms, to medical associations reforms, innovations and globally recognised best practices seem to be the buzz in the sector. 

An area which sees a lot of traction has been the online medical education space. A recent research published on Taylor and Francis seems to indicate that preference for online courses as a learning aid and for CMEs seems to be on rise though in-person lectures still have a notch higher preference. However, the combined preferences for online tools and its effectiveness is higher than all other options. Hence it is no surprise that the World Medical Association had issued a circular to make CME go digital. This was endorsed by the Indian Medical Association.

While online medical courses have been around in India for sometime now, the cost of these courses has been prohibitive for the students. The providers have been limited and course choices restrictive. India needs both quality and affordable healthcare, which is only possible when you get quality and affordable medical education. 

Our laws and regulations continue to be remnants of the Raj era, however an iconic British Medical body was also born just a few months after India’s independence and celebrates its 70th anniversary – The NHS. And despite the issues it faces, it continues to be the flagship bearer of medical care. The Indian diaspora continues to dominate its staff. They too resorted to online training to make quality education accessible to their staff. Health Education England in partnership with NHS & Royal Medical Colleges built one of the largest online medical course repository with over 45000+ learning modules and over a million healthcare workers using them including medical students, consultants, assistants and nurses.

Today India faces similar issues in medical training and these online medical courses with a certificate of completion by respective UK Royal Colleges are now available in India for as low as a few hundred rupees via our website This was possible due to the efforts of Renaissance eServices – which is a Crown Commercial Service Provider and in the eLearning sector since 2005. Nearly 200000 Indian medical residents, students and practitioners have signed-up on these courses and a number of Hospitals have started using them for their in-house training requirements.  

The courses available range from General Practice to Anaesthesia to Radiology to Surgery. We even have an online course on Plastic Surgery. Of course one cannot become a medical practitioner studying these courses but they serve the purpose of an excellent learning aid, CME, Training Program & refresher course. And with the prevailing CME rules, these courses are becoming a tool of choice for they allow students to study at their own pace from any location. Access to such resources could well be of help in  amelioration of the medical sector in times to come. 

NOTE: The post is not a medical advice and is only for informational purposes. You should consult your physician/doctor for all medical consultations. Should you want to improve your understanding on Medical Education, please do have a look at our Online Medical Course.