e-LA: e-Learning Anaesthesia

e-Learning Anaesthesia (e-LA) online medical course has been written and peer-reviewed by leading clinical experts, has been developed in the UK by the Royal College of Anaesthesia and Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare. It meets the highest quality and training standards. e-LA can be used as a self-paced, self-directed training package or integrated with other methods, such as lectures and practical sessions.

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An e-Learning Resource for Doctors in Anaesthesia, Pain and Critical Care Medicine

e-Learning Anaesthesia (e-LA) supports specialty training in anaesthesia. It is also an invaluable educational resource whether you're a trainee, a fully qualified anaesthesia practitioner or a trainer. During the programme, you can complete:
  • over 800 interactive and engaging e-learning sessions, with images, videos and animations
  • an extensive e-library of journal articles and self-assessment exercises
  • e-MCQ assessments that match the standard of the UK postgraduate anaesthesia examinations

Course Content

The learning sessions are clustered into discrete modules. Six core clinical modules are underpinned by a basic sciences module that focuses on core clinical competencies. There are another six modules in sub-specialty areas. Module 1: An Introduction to Clinical Anaesthesia Module 2: Consolidating Basic Clinical Practice Module 3: Introduction to Critical Care Module 4: Obstetric, Paediatric and Geriatric Anaesthesia Module 5: Pain Management and Regional Anaesthesia Module 6: Exam Preparation Module 7: Basic Sciences: Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Physics/Clinical Measurement, Equipment and Maths/Statistics Module 8: Obstetrics Module 9: Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Module 10: Regional Anaesthesia Module 11: Vascular Anaesthesia Module 12: Cardiac Anaesthesia Module 13: Thoracic Anaesthesia Module 14: Neuroanaesthesia The self-contained modules can be purchased individually if required, for details please contact us.
Module 1 (Introduction to Anaesthesia) £100
Module 2 (Consolidating Basic Clinical Practice) £200
Module 3 (Introduction to Critical Care) £100
Module 4a and Module 8 (Obstetrics) £60
Module 4b (Paediatrics) £100
Module 4c (Anaesthesia in the Elderly) £60
Module 5a (Pain) £60
Module 5b (Regional Anaesthesia) £60
Module 6 (Exam Preparation) £60
Module 7a (Anatomy) £60
Module 7b (Physiology) £100
Module 7c (Pharmacology) £100
Module 7d (Physics) £100
Module 7e (Equipment) £60
Module 7f (Maths and Statistics) £40
Module 9 (Ophthalmic Anaesthesia) £20
Module 10 (Regional Anaesthesia) £20
Module 11 (Vascular Anaesthesia) £20
Module 12 (Cardiac Anaesthesia) £20
Module 13 (Thoracic Anaesthesia) £20
Module 14 (Neuroanaesthesia) £20
  Module Combinations
Anaesthesia Fundamentals (Modules 1, 2 and 7) £250
Full Programme £600
  For institutional purchase or bulk licences of our online medical courses, please contact us

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