Demand and Capacity elearning Course


  • Learn how to better manage treatment demand & capacity.
  • Introductory course includes real world action planning exercise.
  • Developed by the UK’s leading demand management specialists.


The Demand and Capacity elearning course gives healthcare staff around the world the knowledge and skills to better understand demand and to plan sufficient capacity – ensuring patients do not have an unnecessary wait for treatment.

Actively Learn

  Throughout this engaging, interactive course you will be encouraged to create, and add to, an online action plan. This action plan will be available to you at the end of the course to download and assist you in modelling your own specific pathway or service.

Made to Fit Your Busy Life

  The engaging, interactive content, that’s delivered online, means you can study at home, in work or even on the move. Plus, the bitesize modules track your progress, so it’s possible to dip in and out of sessions, as frequently as you need. Making this the perfect course to enhance your knowledge and skills even when you have a busy life. There is an example of a populated action plan in the resources section to help you complete your own.

Written by the UK’s Leading Specialists

  The elearning course has been developed by the National Demand and Capacity Team, jointly with NHS England, NHS Improvement and Health Education England elearning for healthcare. This course meets the highest training standards and offers a world-class elearning experience.   This introductory course prepares you to model the demand and capacity for your service by providing a shared understanding of demand, capacity, bottlenecks and constraints:  
  • Understand the reasons why waiting lists grow
  • Model the required level of capacity to keep pace with demand
  • Understand the gap between the required capacity and the current demand of a service
  • Calculate the maximum waiting list sizes that are consistent with the clinical pathway milestones
  • Model the impact of clearing excess waiting list sizes down to ideal maximum levels
  • Identify potential inefficiencies
  • Support better decision making around service changes
  • Reduce waiting times for patients

The Demand and Capacity elearning course is made up of four modules:

  1. Course introduction
  2. The demand and capacity modelling process
  3. Demand and capacity modelling implementation checkpoints
  4. Course summary
The modules must be completed in order but once completed, you can return to a module to review the content again.