IV Therapy Passport


  • Provides the core theoretical training fir intravenous therapy
  • Designed to standarddise training and reduce variation
  • Developed by Health Education England in partnership with other professional bodies

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The IV Therapy Passport programme of elearning has been developed to provide and develop the underpinning knowledge, required by healthcare professionals to administer intravenous medication (IV). Through collaborative working with a number of stakeholders, one common approach to intravenous medication administration training and assessment has been developed for the UK – this is the IV Therapy Passport. Although designed and developed in London, the pathway is of global relevance. This engaging, interactive course is available to healthcare professionals around the world.

Written by the UK’s Top Clinical Specialists

  This online training has been developed in the UK by Health Education England elearning for healthcare in partnership with The Royal College of Nursing, Capital Nurse and Capital Midwife. This ensures this knowledge resource meets the highest training standards and offers a world-class elearning experience.

Made to Fit Your Busy Life

  The engaging, interactive content, that’s delivered online, means you can study at home, in work or even on the move. Plus, the bitesize modules track your progress, so it’s possible to dip in and out of sessions, and allow you to access them in any order, as frequently as you need. Making this the perfect course to enhance your knowledge and skills even when you have a busy life. The IV therapy passport online elearning programme consists of a number of modules that are divided up into smaller elearning sessions. Each session typically takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete. There are a number of eAssessments; thee take approximately 20 minutes to complete wit the exception of the drugs calculation eAssessment that may take longer. Modules covering IV Medication Administration – a complex process, the IV route, vascular access devices, risks and complications of IV therapy, fluids and electrolytes in IV therapy, preparation and administration of IV medication and drug calculations in IV therapy make up the programme.

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